Meet Kathryn

It was August 2018, and I was living in Sydney after taking a couple of years out to see the world. I had planned to go back home to the UK for Christmas and my brother (who lives in Melbourne) was coming home too, and we were all so excited and I said to my Mum that we should all get matching pyjamas, but the problem was... I didn’t know where I could get them from!

And, that’s where sister company, My Christmas Pyjamas, was born. I worked day and night trying to find patterns and prints that I loved, and soon became obsessed with the idea of the whole family in matching pyjamas. Six weeks later, we went live!

The following year, I launched matching sets for pets as I wanted to get our furry friends included in the fun (as they are part of the family too, right)?! This was a success and the company grew year on year. But then I had a thought... Why stop at just Christmas? I absolutely love what I do and wanted to expand my company to all year round and so here we are! 

It was so important to me to create styles that you can sit back, relax and doze off in the utmost comfort, and I can truly say that I adore every single one of my designs and feel you can do exactly that in them. I have carefully thought about each style with such detail and care, to ensure I bring you the best fit, fabrics and patterns. I really hope you love them as much as I do.

More recently, you may have seen me on primetime BBC show, The Apprentice! And, if you followed my journey, you will know that I made it to the final, after battling my way through 12 tough weeks of challenges to become Lord Sugar's business partner. Unfortunately, I didn't win Lord Sugar's investment, but following on from the final episode, I have decided to rebrand 'My Everyday Pyjamas' to 'Pyjamily'!

With Love,